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Pratik Ventures is into funding startups. It funds on two models :

External Funding : PV is an angel investment firm. We validate business proposals and invest in technology enabled companies.

Internal Funding : These are of two models.

  • Founder – Ideas belong to PV in which PV is the founder. At the moment, PV has executed three projects – Namaste, Not Retired and Branding shots. More on anvil.

  • Co-Founder – Ideas belong to you. You walk to us with an idea and convince us. If we like the idea, you would be given three months time & necessary support to develop a business case. On completion of three months or business case whichever is early, PV would invest in that project wherein you would be founder and PV would be co-founder. In this model, we provide

    • Support to establish business case incl mentoring

    • Develop the business case

    • Plan for execution

    • Execute the project

    • Monitor the performance of the project on agreed milestones

More information on this can be obtained in Co-Founder tab on this website.